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August 18 the Voyage home to San Francisco from Honolulu begins.

As we cast off and set sail for San Francisco we get an Aloha from Mother Nature as she casts a rainbow as good luck to the four of us as we begin our sailing voyage returning to California from O’ahu.
It is 17:30 as we make way up the Alamoana harbor channel to the open ocean. Our course is westerly so we can round up to the north west side of the island to avoid the nasty Molokai channel. We hope to make it home within 15 days. That is 25 days less than my trip over so I am already excited to see my wife and dogs who I have missed since leaving home To begin this adventure three months ago. Today was a long day that began at 05:30 prepping, provisioning, loose ends to tie and meeting with one of the scientists at the University of Hawaii to deliver the water samples I extracted over a longitude span of over 600 nautical miles. It was a good feeling to contribute to such a study of the radioactivity levels and micro plastics and their pattern spreading from their source and all that we gain from that knowledge. So as we leave the Hawaiian islands, a new adventure begins. Three new crew for me and all competent sailors and friends of mine. This will be a great experience!
Stay tuned…
~Captain Rod Mayer – out.




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