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Day 36 at sea sailing over 4,259 nautical miles…

July29, 2014
We are on week six on this expedition and have seemed to adjust to this way of life in a short period of time.

The endless rocking and sway that never goes away is somehow mute aside from the occasional unexpected wave that broadsides and throws us off balance below deck. Topside it is if we are still and unaffected by the continuous motion. I sleep in the V-berth and love the motion of the ocean until we are beating the wind and seas and I
find myself bouncing from top to bottom and side to side.

That’s when I retire to the main salon of aft cabins. Provisions are holding strong due to my amazing wife who managed that program. Outside of being out of snacks and cereals due to a select few who don’t realize that on long voyages one does not consume like it is a Las Vegas buffet, we still have plenty to keep us eating without much compromise. Pizza, Pastas, fresh fish catch, steaks, chops and breakfast meats and hash brown potatoes. Don’t forget that I taught Billy and British Dave the art of preparing American pancakes which are now a morning ritual between the two. (Goodbye maple syrup)…

We have our eyes on the charts for Hawaii but have several obligations left prior to the Great Pacific Race. The other day we came across these two boys rowing looking so French, then later we came across four lasses taking on the high seas. We gave our hellos and snapped some shots and video then left them to continue their quest. Looking back I never realized when I began preparation for this role that I would become not only a Captain of the vessel, but a cook, professional photographer, videographer, aid to a University study and coach.

I love this job, but miss my wife…
~Captain Rod Mayer, Out.


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