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Day 29 at Sea- week 5 begins…

We have to track the race without internet therefore I have to plot the team
positions off lat/long coordinates off daily uploads provided by the race

Yesterday we caught a small Dorado that fed us all. No canned food that
night for dinner. Very tasty! American Dave has the best marinade to BBQ

dorado 7-21-14

Everyone is well. We hit some doldrums today so we went for a swim and found
netting tangled on our prop. Billy and I went under, Billy cut and I filmed
video. Beautiful blue water out here. 

billy cutting net 2 rod in sea 2

We are all well and miss our family and friends. Conversations revolve
around what we will be doing once we get to the islands. We still have more
important work to do on this expedition but within the next three weeks we
are looking forward to being in Hawaii as the next support vessel picks up
where we leave off …
~Captain Rod Mayer-out.


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