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17 days at sea, Lat 22/Long 143, 1921nm (3555km) sailed…

July 10, 2014 we have been on the high seas now for 17 days.

Normally sailing from Monterey to Hawaii would take only 12-14 days (on this boat).

We are back in warm Lat/Long again after sailing back to the pack a few days
ago. Sea temp 76.9F and air 70-80F. Water so blue and so many shades
depending on the sky. Never seen anything like this on this boat.

Our 50lb Albacore has been officially consumed. Time to go fishing again soon. For now Billy is making homemade chili today and the boat smells like heaven. We have not been subject to canned goods so far and have been eating well with a variety of great entrees.

We have seen a variety of weather thus far. From squalls blowing 35 kts with a downpour of rain to mild light rain to sunny
days and moonlit nights.

This is truly a magical place.

I’m sure the rowers feel the same way about all that. Aside from the flying fish that seem to be everywhere, not a lot of sea life to observe outside of Monterey.

There are tons of flying fish. Baby ones fly in huge numbers like they are in school learning to fly. Billy asked if they would be called a flock since they fly. He has a good sense of humor.

I almost took an adult flyer in the back of the head. They seem to end up on deck a lot and they smell of fish cologne. The Daves (British Dave and American Dave I call them) have been steadfast on the helm which has made it nice for me to run things around here that need attention.

We are running down wind to catch up with one of the rowing teams. We love downwind because it means BBQ and we grill a lot…

Today started with a spectacular sunrise and sun. I pulled a water sample for the University of Hawaii which I agreed to participate with their study by providing water samples within five (5) longitudes between the mainland and HI. Pretty cool stuff and happy to help. Living with four guys who have never met before has actually been a pleasure. You never know what to expect but this dynamic is working and we all have found our place within the chain of command and kindness within.

I love this job.

Not really a job though, more of a passion put into play to add to my personal growth and

Why talk about it. Just do it I say. And… I’m doing it.
~Capt. Rod Mayer – out.



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