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Turn around to Pacific Warriors in threat of hurricane Iselle

24 hours after reaching our destination (Honolulu) we were asked to head 150nm back out to check in on team Pacific Warriors. In the event the hurricane changed direction and their progress dictated a tow to safety. I found crew in Maui thru a friend and flew them over to O’ahu. We sailed across to Lanai and up to Lahaina, Maui. The winds in “the chute” between Maui and Molokai were blowing 35-40kts with moderate swells. We turned back to Lahaina to wait for the winds to die however they continued on. After discussion with our race director the team Pacific Warriors were inclined to take the tow as the weather became progressively heavier. We decided to attempt a passage up the channel with intention of turning back if the conditions became uncomfortably unsafe. We beat the wind and swells for three and one half hours in the dark with wind gusts up to 45kts and swells 6 feet plus crashing over the bow and rails in to the self bailing cockpit. Once outside the chute the winds backed down to 28-30kts and the seas lightened up for only the occasional rouge wave to drench us without warning. We reached the pacific Warriors by daylight as they were still on the fence to receive the tow. Thirty minutes later the radio cuts in “Galen Diana, we have decided to take the tow and come aboard”. To sum it up, we transferred their dry gear first, had them rig a towline, then began the wet person transfer from their boat “Limited Intelligence” to The Galen Diana. The wind was still blowing in the upper 20’s and the seas 4-6′ making it challenging to execute a safe ocean boarding. My past life as an Ocean Lifeguard lent to the success in that we had extensive training with boat rescues in my Jr Lifeguard days in San Clemente, Ca. Then graduating to a seven year paid professional Ocean Rescue Lifeguard in South Orange County, California. Timing is everything to avoid the stern of the boat to crash down on top of someone if they are off sync. Also swimming over to TGD on my command was critical due to the wind and current. I had to jump in to assist a struggling swimmer due to the hesitation after I yelled “GO”. All was good and we nailed it the second attempt. We got everyone on board, secured the towline, I fed them fresh fruit, bean burritos and cold beer. They were happy and we set sail back to Honolulu to beat Iselle.

You can view the videos of the ocean boarding on the “Galen Diana Sailing” Facebook Page

The Galen Diana at sea with Limited Intelligence

The Galen Diana at sea with Limited Intelligence

gd crew 7-30-14b

Chunky style Mai Tai

Chunky style Mai Tai

Galen Diana Hawaii crew with Pacific Warriors safe in Honolulu

Galen Diana Hawaii crew with Pacific Warriors safe in Honolulu

Monterey to Hawaii in 40 days sailing 4,960 nautical miles.

40 days and we arrive in Waikiki on August 2nd as an escort to team Fat Chance as they cross the line at Diamond head approx 0633 local time. 24 hours to clean, provision, good nights sleep. Say farewell to British Dave and Bristol Billy, it was amazing and wonderful to have you aboard. Good times and great guys and new friends. We picked up two locals from Maui my bud Jason hooked up. Sonja and Kabu. Real cool people and happy to have them with us. Sailing off from Waikiki to find Pacific Warriors and Boatylicious. Winds over 30kts right out of Oahu. We plan to navigate between Lanai, Molokai up past Kapalua, Maui then out 100nm from there. This leg will take us about a week then back in Waikiki on Friday, 8/8. My wife will be in around noon and I cant wait to see her. My 24 hours in Waikiki on land felt like an eternity as I was wanting to get back out on the seas. Noise, crowds, and stillness made me dizzy. So looking forward to the constant rocking and rolling, sounds of water running and splashing along the hull and quiet star lit nights. 

Crossing the finish line

Crossing the finish line

Aloha O'ahu

Aloha O’ahu

30kts and building

30kts and building

One of dozens of sunset shots this voyage.

One of dozens of sunset shots this voyage.

Sailing 75nm off shore of Monterey in 35kt wind and 12′ seas

Rough vid taken from iphone of PC playback

June 18, support vessel track off shore in the Monterey area.

June 18, support vessel track off shore in the Monterey area.

Our track for the night June 18-19 off shore in the Monterey area.
Click on picture for more photos of the day/event
Go to and download the race tracker “Yellow Brick” to see race tracking all the way to Hawaii…

Monterey to Hawaii is off…

Monterey to Hawaiiis off...

Monterey Bay Monday, June 9th.
Check out today’s video from the Phantom… click on the photo.

Made it to Monterey

IMG_1116      IMG_1133

Made it to Monterey Saturday, May 31 in the evening, this ws our wake up call Sunday morning…

Lots of energy building here at the “Great Pacific Race” headquarter at the Monterey Yacht Club.

Now time to practice sail with my crew this week every day…great guys.

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Monterey to Hawaii June 2014

The Great Pacific Race begins June 7th 2014. Fifteen teams from countries around the world will row from Monterey to Honolulu. Their drive? For some, the challenge. Others, because that’s what they do. For the determined, to get their name in the record books.

.Roz Savage arrives Honolulu Hawaii

The Galen Diana will be one of two support yachts that will be sailing along the 2,400 mile span checking in on the participants. 45-60 days at sea on a journey that would normally take a couple of weeks.

Go to to see more about “The Great Pacific Race”

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